“The Protestant Boys (II)”


"The Protestant Boys are loyal and true." They fought bravely at Derry, the Boyne and Aughrim against James who "with masses and Frenchmen the land would enslave." "Traitors shall tremble, Whene'er we assemble, For Protestant Boys shall carry the day"


"The Protestant Boys" was the tune played by "The Old Orange Flute."

Zimmermann, pp. 296-297, quotes the Earl of Gosford's 1835 testimony to the House of Commons about disturbances in County Armagh: "There are very frequent disturbances there between the parties, and I have heard of parties of people going through the town and playing party tunes, which have been productive of annoyance. -- Q. What party? -- A. The Orangemen going through the town and playing party tunes. -- Q. What tunes? -- A. "Boyne Water", and "Protestant Boys", and "Croppies lie down". -- Q. Are those tunes deemed offensive by the Catholic people of that county? -- A. Yes, certainly."

The offense was freely given and advertised, as described in "The Aughalee Heroes": "It being the twelfth day of July, Our music so sweetly did play, And 'The Protestant Boys' and 'Boyne Water', Were the tunes we played going away." - BS

For the Siege of Derry, see "The Shutting of the Gates of Derry." For the Boyne, see "The Battle of the Boyne (I)." For Aughrim, see "After Aughrim's Great Diaster." - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: c.1895 (Graham)
Found in: Ireland