“The Protestant Boys (I)”


The Protestant Boys, "Orange and Blue," assemble to support the King. Appeal to William's spirit as model: "from Paypish or Frenchman ne'er to retire." "We hate [Catholics] as masters and love them as men," "God bless the people and God save the King!"


Sparling: "In its original form dates back to 1689, but the version given is comparatively late. It is taken from 'The Protestant, or True Blue,' Dublin, 1826."

This is not the song usually referred to as "The Protestant Boys." That being the case it may be the song referred to by Colonel Blacker in Zimmermann's note below.

Zimmermann p. 297, fn 9, quoting William Archer _Marching of the Lodges_ p. 193: "William Blacker, who also denied the existence of anti-Catholic songs in the Orange Lodges, cited as 'very much the reverse of uncharitable' a line from the charter song composed in 1796 by Captain Ryan: We hate them as masters [the Catholics], we love them as men" - BS

The reference to the French also hints at a date in the period 1795-1800, since this was the time when French intervention was constantly expected; see, e.g., the notes to "The Shan Van Voght." - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1826 (_The Protestant, or True Blue_, Dublin, according to Sparling)
Found in: Ireland