“The Preacher and the Bear”


(Black) preacher goes hunting; he meets a grizzly bear. He climbs a tree and pleads with God (who delivered Daniel, Jonah, etc.) "if you can't help me/for goodness sakes don't help that bear" The limb breaks; he gets his razor out and fights


According to a biographer of Arthur Collins, although the song is often credited to Joe

Arzonia, he seems to have purchased the rights from the actual composer, George Fairman, a piano player who worked in the cafe Arzonia owned.

This song has become popular in the folk revival, inevitably without the reference to the preacher as a "coon" which places this in the minstrel tradition. (The Poplins use the word, though.) Its vaudeville/minstrel/coon song origins are clear in the earliest recording by Arthur Collins, a well-known performer in those genres.

Clearly Arthur Collins had little use for exclusive contracts in 1905 or thereafter.

The World War II parody, "Stalin Wasn't Stalling," has Hitler begging, "Oh Lord, if you can't help me, don't help that Russian bear." - PJS

Same tune

  • Golden Gate Quartet, "Stalin Wasn't Stalling" (OKeh 6712, 1943)

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Author: Officially credited to Joe Arzonia
Earliest date: 1905 (recordings, Arthur Collins, although he may have recorded it as early as 1903)
Found in: US(Ap,SE,So)