“The Poulduff Fishermen”


On July 11 "a maid divine in tears approached me." Three sons had been drowned when their boat struck the wrecked Perseverance and sank. Some were rescued by "James Fitzsimmons and ... his worthy crew." The drowned men are named.


Poulduff is on the northeast coast of County Wexford. - BS

Historical references

  • July 1, 1880 - "Poulduff fishermen were lost ... when their craft struck the wreck of the Perseverance" (source: Bourke in _Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast_ v1, p. 52)


  1. Ranson, pp. 18-20, "The Poulduff Fishermen" (1 text, 1 tune)
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Author: Mogue Doyle
Earliest date: 1937 (Ranson)
Found in: Ireland