“The Pomona (II)”


Singer and crew strike Blackwater sandbank. "We launched our jovial long boat and headed for the strand. We ran her down before the wind into sweet Wexford Bay, And wasn't that a dreadful sight, all on St Patrick's Day" Two of 12 escape.


Ranson: "[The singer] said that this was a ballad about 'The Pomona,' but there is internal evidence in the ballad which disproves this statement.... It seems to me that this ballad refers to 'The Georgiana,' which was wrecked on the Blackwater Bank on March 17th, 1844." The ballad does not name the ship. For the historical reference for _Georgina_ see "The Georgina." For the historical reference for _Pomona_ see "The Pomona (I)." - BS

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1948 (Ranson)
Found in: Ireland