“The Old Oak Tree”


(Betsy) sets out from home to meet her love and never returns. Her widowed mother, after a long search, dies of grief. The girl's body is found during a hunt with the murderer's knife still there. He confesses the crime and (dies/kills himself)


Bodleian Library site Ballads Catalogue appears to have two broadsides for this ballad

Bodleian, Harding B 40(5), "The Old Oak Tree" ("The night was dark, cold blew the wind"), J.F. Nugent and Co.? (Dublin?), 1850-1899; also Harding B 26(481), "The Old Oak Three," P. Brereton (Dublin), c.1867

However, I was unable to read either of them. - BS


  • Robert Cinnamond, "The Old Oak Tree" (on IRRCinnamond02)
  • Warde Ford, "Beneath the Old Oak Tree" (AFS 4195 A1; tr.; in AMMEM/Cowell)
  • Tom Lenihan, "The Old Oak Tree" (on IRTLenihan01)


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Alternate titles: “The Squire”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1921 (Greenleaf/Mansfield)
Found in: US(MW) Canada(Mar,Newf) Ireland