“The Old Leather Breeches”


"At the sign of the bell, on the road to Clonmel, Paddy Hegarty kept a night shaybeen." When a party arrives demanding food and drink, Paddy supplies liquor, but for food can only cut up his leather breeches. When the trick is discovered, a riot ensues


Morton-Maguire: "It is common throughout Ireland and I have heard [it] in the Border's of Scotland."

The date and master id (GB-2648-1/2) for Hayward's record is provided by Bill Dean-Myatt, MPhil. compiler of the Scottish National Discography. - BS


  • LOCSinging, as110230, "Old Leather Breeches!," unknown, 19C


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1901 (OConor); 19C (broadside, LOCSinging as110230)
Keywords: drink clothes party
Found in: Ireland Australia Canada(Newf)