“The Old Keg of Rum”


"My name is old Jack Palmer, I'm a man of olden day, And so I wish to sing a song To you of olden praise. To tell of merry friends of old...." The singer describes his mates who gathered around "the old keg of rum," their work and their drinking


The text Paterson/Fahey/Seal appears likely to be based on "The Days of Forty-Nine," but without a tune, it's impossible to be sure. - RBW.


  1. Paterson/Fahey/Seal, pp. 249-253, "The Old Keg of Rum" (1 text)
  2. BI, PFS250


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1905 (Paterson's _Old Bush Songs_)
Keywords: drink moniker
Found in: Australia