“The Old Gray Mule (Johnson's Mule)”


"Mr. Thomas had an old gray mule, And he drove him to a cart, And he loved that mule and the mule loved him." The song describes how Thomas mistreats the mule (currying it with a rake, feeding it on boot tops). The mule kicks and eventually dies


Reading Pound's text, I can't help but believe that parts of it were originally about a goat, not a mule. But I can't locate similar "goat" stanzas. In any case, many of the same lines appear in Gardner and Chickering.

Brown's text is also about a mule, but the few lines it contains are all goat-applicable. - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1917 (Pound)
Keywords: animal death work
Found in: US(MW,SE)