“The New Limit Line”


"Now we left our own homes, for the woods we were bent...." The singer describes hiring out to the New Limit Line. They reach the line with great difficulty, but work hard and are happy at the camp. Many of the other workers there are listed

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New Limit Line, The
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From Edith Fowke, Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods, #12, p. 54-57.
Collected from Joe Thibadeau, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, October 1964.

Now we left our own homes, for the woods we were bent --
The first night in Bobcaygeon with pleasure we spent.
We put up at Harve Thompson's that night for a time
Who was hiring teams for the New Limit Line.

(14 additional stanzas)

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1964 (Fowke)
Keywords: lumbering work travel
Found in: Canada(Ont)