“The Napan Heroes”


Twenty-five shantymen watch a fight between Robert Sweezey and Frank Russell. After an hour "a poke in the stomach" makes Russell give in. Sweezy "conquered the champion from old Point Carr. He's the true Napan hero."

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Napan Heroes, The
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          *** A ***

From Louise Manny and James Reginald Wilson, Songs of Miramichi,
#36, pp. 156-157. From the singing of Arthur MacDonald of Black
River Bridge, 1948.

All you true Napan heroes, come listen to me,
  I'll sing you the praises of Robert Sweezey,
Who's lately been challenged to fight till he dies,
  To fight Frank Russell from old Pointy Car.

(4 additional stanzas)


Ives-NewBrunswick: This is a parody of "Morrissey and the Black." "According to Louise Manny, the fight took place in 1889 and the casus belli was the love of a woman who later married neither combatant." - BS

Manny and Wilson in fact states that the fight took place "about 1889," and describe the tune as "Twickenham Ferry"/"The Squid Jiggin' Ground." - RBW

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1948 (Manny/Wilson)
Found in: Canada(Mar)