“The Murder of Mary Tuplin”


June 1887. Mary leaves home "her lover for to see Down by the river Margaret." Her jealous lover shoots her "through her brain," ties a rope with a stone around her waist "and dashed her in the tide." Her body being found, Willy Millman is hanged.


Roud has at least five different numbers for this event:

Roud #1837: Creighton-NovaScotia 140, "Prince Edward Island Murder" [Laws dF59]

Roud #4129: Doerflinger, pp. 285-286, "The Millman Song" (also Ives-DullCare, pp. 180-181, "The Millman Murder Trial") [LawsdF60]

Roud #9179: Ives-DullCare, pp. 46-47, "The Millman and Tuplin Song" (also Manny/Wilson 50, "Young Millman")

Roud #9552: Shea, pp. 174-179, "The Millman Tragedy"

Roud #12463: Dibblee/Dibblee pp. 72-73, "The Murder of Mary Tuplin" - BS

Historical references

  • Jun 28, 1887 - Murder of Mary Tuplin by William Millman
  • 1888 - Execution of Millman

Cross references


  1. Dibblee/Dibblee, pp. 71-72, "The Murder of Mary Tuplin" (1 text, 1 tune)
  2. Roud #12463
  3. BI, Dib071


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1973 (Dibblee/Dibblee)
Found in: Canada(Mar)