“The Morning of the Fray”


Frank Gardner leads his gang against a coach at the Eugowra Rocks. The outlaws scatter the escort and take the rich prize. Chorus: "You can sing of Johnny Gilbert, Dan Morgan, and Ben Hall, But the bold and reckless Gardiner he's the boy to beat them all"


Although the song implies Gardiner was separate from Gilbert, Morgan, and Ben Hall, in fact Gilbert and Hall were associated with Gardiner's gang. Ben Hall was shot in 1865; Johnny Gilbert met his fate in 1866. Gardiner was eventually taken and imprisoned, but was released and sent into exile after serving ten years of a 32 year sentence. - RBW

Historical references

  • 1830 - Birth of Francis Christie in New South Wales. He later took the name Frank Gardiner, and was known as "the Darkie" for his part-Aborigine ancestry


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Author: Music supplied by A.L. Lloyd
Earliest date: 1984
Found in: Australia?