“The Maid from Tidehead”


The singer hears a young lumberjack tell how "I long once again for the Maid from Tidehead." He describes their parting and decides to return to Restigouche: "No more will I roam from the Maid of Tidehead"

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Maid from Tidehead, The
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From Louise Manny and James Reginald Wilson, Songs of Miramichi,
#31, pp. 135-136. From the singing of Jared MacLean, Strathadam,

In the dark tangles forest where the lumberjacks sing,
And their saws and their axes, the music it springs,
As I ceased from my labor at the close of the day,
I heard with regret a young lumberjack say:

"Oh, the nights they are weary and the days they are long,
Though my comrades they cheer me with music and song,
I'm tired and lonesome, and cold is my bed,
And I long once again for the Maid from Tidehead.

(3 additional stanzas)


The Restigouche River is in the central Miramichi area of New Brunswick. Tide Head is on that river near Chaleur Bay. - BS.


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1948 (Manny/Wilson)
Found in: Canada(Mar)