“The M. and I. Goo-goo Eyes”


Recitation about logging life, with musical chorus, "Just because that jack makes goo-goo eyes, They piled them logs clear up into the skies." The singer discusses what happens when the train comes to collect the logs


Even Rickaby, who prints this piece, says of it, "Here lies the Song of the White Pine woods, sans originality, sans meaning, sans everything." Which about sums it up. Rickaby's final comment is, "This is Arkansaw Springstad's own work, composed at the time when _Just because She made those Goo-goo Eyes_ was popular. He could sing only the chorus for me, and could not recall quite all of the final stanza. Perhaps it is just as well."

"Just Because She Made dem Goo-goo Eyes," by John Queen and Hughie Cannon, came out in 1900, if I read Spaeth correctly. - RBW


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Author: Ed Springstad
Earliest date: 1926 (Rickaby)