“The Lumberman in Town”


"When the lumberman comes down, Ev'ry pocket bears a crown, And he wanders, some pretty girl to find." He stays at a fine inn till his money is gone, whereupon he regretfully returns to the woods. (When he is old, he marries a young girl who mocks him)

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Lumberman in Town, The
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When the Shantyboy Comes Down

From Edith Fowke, Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods, #44, p.159.
Collected from Jim Doherty of Peterborough, Ontario, June 1957.

When the shantyboy comes down, in his pocket fifty pound,
He will look around some pretty girl to find.
If he finds her not too shy, with a dark and rolling eye,
The poor shantyboy is will pleased in his mind.

(3 additional stanzas)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1939
Found in: US(NE) Canada(Ont)