“The Little Piece of Whang”


When the Lord sewed up Adam and Eve, He measured wrong, leaving Adam with a little piece of whang, and Eve with a gap. Ever since then, men have sought to lend women a bit of the whang to fill the gap.


Legman provides citations to a number of folktale antecedents to the modern bawdy song in Randolph-Legman I. - EC

The earliest of said folktales is apparently found in de Verville's "Le Moyen de Parvenir" (1610). However, one can find something rather similar as far back as Plato. The reference in the song is, of course, to Gen. 2:21-22. - RBW


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  2. Roud #8384
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Author: unknown
Keywords: bawdy humorous
Found in: US(So)