“The Lass o' Bennochie”


"Twas at the back o' Bennochie... There I fell in love wi' a bonnie lass." Her wealthy father, despising the lad, forces him into the army. He returns to claim the girl. Father and uncle pursue, but the soldier beats them off. They live happily


Roud lumps this with "Locks and Bolts" (Laws M13), and indeed Ord's second version includes several whole verses from that song. And Ord's other versions, particularly the third, are so different that it might be reasonable to classify #3 as a separate song and place #2 with "Locks and Bolts."

Nonetheless the similarity of Ord's #1 and #2, and the overall distinctness of the pair from "Locks and Bolts," causes me to split them. This apparently follows Laws, who does not list the Ord texts with M13. Best to see both songs, however - RBW


  1. Ord, pp. 438-441, "The Lass o' Bennochie" (3 texts, very diverse; the second is mixed with "Locks and Bolts" [Laws M13])
  3. Roud #406
  4. BI, Ord438


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1930 (Ord)
Found in: Britain(Scotland)