“The King Takes the Queen”


"The King will take the Queen, But the Queen will take the knave, And since we're in good company, More liquor let us have. Here's to you, Tom Brown, and to you me jolly soul." As cards take cards, so each reminds the singer of a happy life


Tunney-StoneFiddle has the song in a Mummers' Play. - BS

In 1857. Thomas Hughes published a novel, _Tom Brown's Schooldays_, about a fellow noted for skill, sportsmanship, and an imperfect grasp of academics. It is apparently based on the real Rugby School. Brown might well be the sort of person who would be the toast of a song like this. Given the distribution of versions of this song, I think it unlikely -- but just possible enough to be worth mentioning. - RBW


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Alternate titles: “With All My Heart”; “The Card Song”; “The Cards”; “The Two Beats the One”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1891 (collected by Frank Kidson)
Found in: Britain(England(North,South)) Ireland