“The Jealous Lover (II)”


The jealous lover takes his girlfriend down to the woods. (She grows weary, and asks to return home.) He (tells her she will never return home, and) stabs her. With her dying breath she forgives him


Given the number of similar songs, the reader is advised to check references under Laws F1, Laws F2, Laws F3, etc.

The element that most clearly distinguishes this from "The Jealous Lover (I)" is that the girl forgives the murderer. At least, that's my guess, based on the "Jealous Lover" texts Laws does not catalog.

I agree, it's a mess; Laws accuses students of persistently confusing his F1 and F2, but gives no method for distinguishing them, and does not treat this close relative at all! If it were me, I'd lump the Jealous Lover songs; even if they originated separately, they trade verses at an incredible rate. - RBW

Cross references

  • cf. "Jealous Lover (I), The (Florella, Floella) (Pearl Bryan II) (Nell Cropsey II)" [Laws F1A, B, C]
  • cf. "The Banks of the Ohio" [LawsF5]
  • cf. "The Wexford Girl" [Laws P35]


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  • Kelly Harrell, "Blue Eyed Ella" (OKeh 7010, 1925; on KHarrell01)
  • Posey Rorrer and the North Carolina Ramblers, "Blue Eyed Eller" (Edison, unissued, 1928)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1925 (recording, Kelly Harrell)
Keywords: homicide jealousy
Found in: US(Ap,MW) Canada(Newf)