“The Jamestown Homeward Bound”


Forecastle song. Verses describe voyages to the Mediterranean and wishes for home. Chorus ends "So fill out sails with the favoring gales and with shipmates all around. We'll give three cheers for our Starry flag and the Jamestown homeward bound."


[According to Colcord, the] vessel referred to here is *not* the Confederate gunboat _Jamestown_, but a sloop of war built in 1844. She was lent by the US government to a relief organization and sailed from Boston to Cork in March, 1847 loaded with food and supplies to help the victims of the famine in Ireland. - SL

That voyage to Ireland, which Colcord claims is the ship?s only claim to fame, is not mentioned in her (seemingly unique) version. I must admit that I am not convinced that the song is about the _Jamestown_; it could merely be about a ship with its homeport there. - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1938 (Colcord)
Found in: US