“The Irishman's Farewell to his Country (The Shamrock Shore IV)”


Farewell, dear Erin's native shore, For here I cannot stay." The singer is leaving for America. "As our ship she lies at anchor, boys, Now ready for to sail." He bids farewell to friends, parents, grandfather.


  • Bodleian, 2806 c.8(157), "The Irishman's Farewell to his Country," Haly (Cork), 19C; also 2806 c.8(121), "The Irishman's Farewell to his Country"; 2806 b.10(89), "The Irishman's Farewell to his Native Land"


  • Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman, "Farewell, My Own Fair Native Land" (on Voice04)


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  2. Roud #1455
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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1965 (OLochlainn-More)
Found in: Ireland