“The Hiring Fair”


On the way to Strabane, or Antrim, singer meets a maid on the way to the hiring fair. He offers his umbrella to keep her from the rain. They stop for drinks and miss the fair. They spend the night, marry next day, and have been happy since.


This follows the same general story line as "The Maid of Lismore" but ends happily. - BS

The similarity to "The Feeing Time (I)" is even greater; it's esentially the same plot, and there are some common lyrics as well. They maybe the same song. But it clearly falls into Scottish and Irish families, so -- with some hesitation -- I've allowed them to stay separate. - RBW

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1952 (IRTunneyFamily01); c.1845 (broadside, NLScotland L.C.1270(018))
Found in: Ireland