“The Hell-Bound Train”


The drunk passes out and dreams of the hell-bound train. The Devil is the engineer. When he announces that Hell is the next stop, the riders beg for mercy; the Devil replies with a list of tortures they face. The drunkard awakens and reforms


Lomax editions suggest "J. W. Pruitt(e)" as the author of this piece. One of Randolph's sources mentions a "Tom Gray." I wouldn't bet much on either attribution. - RBW

In the Beck version, Tom Gray is the protagonist, rather than the author (the song is in third person). - PJS

Cohen notes a strong similarity in concept to"Ride on the Black Valley Railroad," credited to I. N. Tarbox and printed in 1876. For more on this, one should see Cohen. - RBW


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  • Joseph Walsh, "The Hell-Bound Train" (on MREIves01)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1910 (Railroad Men's Magazine, according to Cohen)
Keywords: train Devil Hell drink
Found in: US(So) Canada(Mar)