“The Harp on the Willow”


"Come brethren and sisters, and hear me relate, And I will inform you of my present state." The singer trusted Jesus, but now feels rejected, "My harp on the willow seems to be hung." The singer begs to be restored to the former state of grace


This song contains assorted allusions to Psalm 137 (e.g. the harp on the willow, Psalm 137:2), but they seem almost incidental to the plot -- the piece just uses them as the coin of the realm, rather than actively adopting the psalm. - RBW


  1. Randolph 655, "The Harp on the Willow" (1 text)
  2. Roud #7576
  3. BI, R655


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1940 (Randolph)
Keywords: religious request harp
Found in: US(So)