“The Hamfat Man”


The ham fat man falls in love with Sara Ann, a girl in the market who sells him "polony sausages." But every day she wants a new dress, and after he goes broke she goes off to Bathhurst. The moral: "Never trust a girl that lives in Sydney town."


Don't ask me why the title of the song (in Fahey, anyway) is "The Hamfat Man" while all the references in the text are to a "Ham fat man." - RBW


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  2. Gilbert, p. 5, "Ham Fat Man" (1 fragmentary text, which does not contain any of the above plot, and is almost certainly bawdy, but which appears from its pattern to be the same piece)
  3. BI, FaE094


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1984
Found in: Australia