“The Hag's Rant”


Old Susie spins in the corner and asks for her tollies. We have to eat them dry because the cream turned. Hags have a connection with milk and butter. That old crone "some day at a witch stake will burn." "If only old Ireland was free!"


Tunney-SongsThunder: "tollies" are "potatoes" [though the play on "toll" is interesting - RBW]. Tunney doesn't say so but this may only be a song in Gaelic, which he has translated into "the slave's patter, as you say."

Pure speculation: Potatoes, an old woman, free Ireland: is Suzy just an old lady, or Granuaile or Granua [see notes to "Granuwale" and "The Young Man's Dream"], or both? - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1991 (Tunney-SongsThunder)
Keywords: age magic food witch
Found in: Ireland