“The Green Willow”


Phoebe accuses William. "She said he had deceived her" Usual "All Around My Hat" complaints. She fears dying a maiden. William claims his deception "was only to try if you were true" They marry and live happily as an example for young lovers.


Creighton-Maritime pp. 80-81 words fit "All Around My Hat" but the tune is not the standard tune. On the other hand, Creighton-Maritime p. 81 has the standard "All Around My Hat" tune but, what seems to me to be, a different theme.

Broadside Harding B 11(1432) matches Creighton-Maritime p. 81 but replaces the line "But since it is my fortune that I must Marry an old man" with "But since 'tis my misfortune that I must die a maiden." The description for "The Green Willow" is from a more complete but undated broadside Bodleian Firth c.18(133). - BS

Cross references

  • cf. "All Around My Hat" ("All around my hat" lyrics)


  • Bodleian, Harding B 11(1432), "The Green Willow," J. Catnach (London), 1813-1838; also Firth c.18(133), Harding B 11(1433), "The Green Willow"


  1. Creighton-Maritime, p. 81, "All Around My Hat" (1 text, 1 tune)
  2. Roud #567
  3. BI, CrMa081


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1953 (Creighton-Maritime)
Keywords: love marriage lie
Found in: Canada(Mar)