“The Greasy Cook (Butter and Cheese and All, The Cook's Choice)”


The singer keeps company with a cook. One day she is about to send him off with cheese and butter when the master comes in. He hides in the chimney; the fire melts cheese and butter and sets them afire. The master douses him; he flees to a chorus of jeers


This and similar songs are sometimes traced back to a story in Boccaccio (seventh day, second story: Gianella, Peronella, and her husband). But the story is really one of the basic themes of folktale, and doubtless predates Boccaccio as well as these songs. - RBW

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1920 (Greenleaf/Mansfield)
Found in: Britain(England(South)) Ireland Canada(Newf)