“The Grand Conversation on Brave Nelson”


Heroes discuss Nelson and his victories at Copenhagen and the Nile. He is wounded and dies in the victory at Trafalgar and is returned to be buried in England. A memorial statue is erected in renamed Trafalgar Square at Charing Cross.


The theme of commerce benefiting from war gets passing notice in "The Grand Conversation on Napoleon" and is the main theme of "The Grand Conversation Under the Rose." In this broadside it has one verse between the victories at Copenhagen and the Nile, and the final victory and death at Trafalgar:

Many a gallant youth, I'll tell the truth, in action have been wounded

Some left their friends and lovers in despair upon their native shore.

Others never have returned again, but died upon the raging main,

Causing many a mother to cry, my son, and widows to deplore.

When war was raging, it is said, men for their labour were well paid

Commerce and trade was flourishing, but now it ebbs and flows,

And poverty it does increase, tho' Britons say they live in peace,

This grand conversation on brave Nelson arose.

The reference to Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column assures that "The Grand Conversation on Brave Nelson" was written after "The Grand Conversation of Napoleon." - BS

Historical references

  • Aug 2, 1798 - Battle of the Nile at Aboukir Bay
  • Apr 2, 1801 - Battle of Copenhagen
  • Oct 21, 1805 - Battle of Trafalgar
  • 1843 - Nelson's Column is erected in Trafalgar Square

Cross references


  • Bodleian, Harding B 20(61), "Grand Conversation on Nelson Arose" ("As some heroes bold, I will unfold, together were conversing"), J. Harkness (Preston), 1840-1866; also Firth c.12(49), Harding B 11(1387), Johnson Ballads 2534, "Grand Conversation on Brave Nelson"


Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1867 (broadside, Bodleian Harding B 20(61))