“The Gospel Train is Coming (I) (Gospel Train IV)”


"The gospel train is coming, don't you want to go (x3), Yes, I want to go." "Jesus is the engineer, don't you want to go? (x3). Yes, I want to go." "Can't you hear the bell ring...." "Can't you hear the wheel hum...." "She's comin' round the curve...."


  • Rev. Edward W. Clayborn (Clayburn, Clayton, Claiborn), "The Gospel Train is Coming" (Vocalion 1082/Melotone M12546, c.1927)


  1. Cohen-LSRail, pp. 619-624, "The Gospel Train Is Coming" (1 text plus 2 texts of "Get On Board, Little Children"; 1 tune for each of the two songs)
  2. BI, LSRai619


Author: unknown
Earliest date: c. 1926 (recording, Rev. Edward W. Clayborn)