“The Glorious Meeting of Dublin”


October 10, 1869 many thousands gather, without disturbance, "to use all legal means to set these brave men free." Butt and Moor speak. "Five hundred thousand did stand" across Ireland in support. "No separation do we want we only seek our rights"


October 2, 1869 at Youghall a petition for amnesty for Fenian prisoners held for sedition was presented by the Town Commissioners to John-Poyntz Earl Spencer, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, without response. The meeting at Dublin followed and drew up a petition to Gladstone. Mr Butt presided and other speakers included Mr Moore M.P., Rev Mr Leverett, Mr Russell and Mr O'Donnell President of the Trade Association. (sources: The Times Oct 4, 1869, pg. 9, col. C, Issue 26559. The Times Oct 11, 1869, pg. 5, col. D, Issue 26565. Copyright 2002 The Gale Group)

The following year Isaac Butt founded the Home Government Association, which was soon replaced by the more agressive Home Rule League. (source: "Home Rule" on the Irelandseye site).

January 5, 1871 - "33 Fenian prisoners, including Devoy, Rossa, O'Leary and Luby, are released by the British in a general amnesty" (source: Irish Culture and Customs site)

See "Rossa's Farewell to Erin" for another example about the Amnesty Movement; Rossa is one of the prisoners mentioned in the Bodleian broadside and freed January 5, 1871. Others are General Thomas F Burke (as "Burk"; see "Thomas F Burke" in _Speeches from the Dock, Part I_ at the FullBooks site [also

Burke's Dream" [Laws J16] - RBW]), McSweeney (who also appears in Brereton's broadside "Exile's Return" in Hugh Anderson, _Farewell to Judges & Juries_, pp. 396-397) and a difficult to read name beginning "O'Ne." - BS

Historical references

  • Oct 10, 1869 - Peaceful demonstration in Dublin of about 40000 people in support of amnesty for Fenian prisoners (source: _The Times_ Oct 11, 1869, pg. 5, col. D, Issue 26565. Copyright 2002 The Gale Group)


  • Bodleian, Harding B 26(219), "The Glorious Meeting of Dublin Held in Cabra ," P. Brereton (Dublin), c.1867


Author: unknown
Earliest date: c.1867 [after October 1869] (broadside, Bodleian Harding B 26(219))