“The General Rawlinson”


General Rawlinson leaves Marystown and docks at New Harbour. In a gale "the vessel struck the rocks" and sinks but the crew get to shore. They spend three weeks on meager rations waiting to be taken home.


I assume New Harbour, on the return trip, is in Portugal rather than the New Harbour not far from St John's. - BS

I assume the _General Rawlinson_ was named for Henry Seymour Rawlinson (1864-1925), commander of the British Fourth Army in World War I. This presumably makes it a fairly new ship in 1922; perhaps the crew was inexperienced? - RBW

Historical references

  • Jan 7, 1922 - General Rawlinson, docked at Oporto, Portugal, collides with the dock fin anchor and sinks. (Lehr/Best, Northern Shipwrecks Database)


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Author: Ben Doucey
Earliest date: 1977 (Lehr/Best)
Keywords: sea ship storm wreck
Found in: Canada(Newf)