“The Gates of Londonderry”


King James and all his Host" attack Derry "but vain were all their Popish arts, The Gates were shut by gallant hearts ...The 'Prentice Boys" "Red war, with fiery breath Cast pestilence and death" until "the gallant ship Mountjoy" broke the seige.

Historical references

  • Dec 7, 1688 - The "Apprentice Boys" close the Londonderry gates against Lord Antrim's "Redshanks"
  • July 28, 1689 - Browning's ships break the 105 day seige of Derry (source: Cecil Kilpatrick, "The Seige of Derry: A City of Refuge" at the Canada-Ulster Heritage site)

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: c.1895 (Graham)