“The Garden Gate”


Mary and William have planned a secret meeting. She arrives at the garden gate at eight; William is not there. Nine comes; she searches, then vows to forsake him. He finally arrives at ten; he had been shopping for a ring. She forgives him

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Garden Gate, The
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          *** A ***

From Mary O. Eddy, Ballads and Songs from Ohio, #78, p. 195.
From a notebook in the hand of Rev. Franklin Eddy.

The day was spend, the moon shone bright,
  The village clock struck eight,
Young Mary hastened with delight
  Unto the garden gate.
No one was there, that made her sad,
  The gate was there but not the lad,
Which made young Mary say and sigh,
  "Was e'er a poor girl as sad as I!"

(3 additional stanzas)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1938 (Sam Henry collection)
Found in: US(MW) Ireland