“The Gale of August '27”


87 fishermen set out in April for the Sable Island fishing grounds. When a storm blows up, their vessels sink and all are lost. A memorial service in Lunenburg draws 5000. The singer hopes they will meet again in Heaven


Lunenburg is a town (and county) in Nova Scotia; the town is on the coast about 60 kilometers south and west of Halifax. Sable Island, the "graveyard of the Atlantic," is a long, low island about 250 km. due south of the eastern tip of Nova Scotia. - RBW

Historical references

  • Aug 25, 1927 - The _Joyce M. Smith_, _Uda F. Corkum_, _Mahala_, and _Clayton W. Walters_, all of Lunenburg, are lost with all hands off the Sable Island shoals


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Author: George Swinamer
Earliest date: 1951
Found in: US(MA) Canada(Mar)