“The False Lover”


"When I was young, I was well beloved By all young men... When I was blooming... This false young man he decieved me." The girl tells how the false lover abandoned her, hopes for better fortune, and wants God to bring him to trial for his falsehood


The notes in Henry/Huntington/Herrmann list this as a variant of "Wheel of Fortune" and "Love is Pleasing." Similarly Roud. The theme, of course, is the same as the latter (but that's commonplace). It has only a half stanza in common with "Wheel of Fortune," and less than that in common with "Love is Pleasing." It's at least as close to "Dear Companion." I firmly believe it's a separate song. - RBW


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  2. Roud #1075
  3. BI, HHH790


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1939 (Sam Henry collection)
Keywords: love betrayal
Found in: Ireland