“The Echoing Horn”


At the dawn of day the echoing horn calls to the foxhunt; the fox breaks, the dogs chase, the horses leap fences and stiles. When the fox is killed, the hunters take his brush, then go home and drink while their wives give great delight


In some versions, including "Glittering Dewdrops," the animal being hunted is a hare. Kennedy notes a song "with the same title" being sung in Thomas Arne's operetta "Thomas and Sally," 1761, but without seeing the text I'm not willing to cite this as earliest date, although this song certainly has a composed air about it. - PJS

Cross references


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Alternate titles: “Glittering Dewdrops”; “When Morning Stands on Tiptoe”
Author: unknown, possibly Thomas Arne
Earliest date: 1923 (Williams)
Found in: Britain(England(South))