“The Drummer and the Cook”


A drummer is in love with a cook. He sneaks in to see her one night, she gives him a meal and he chokes on a bone. She tries to knock it out of him and wakes the house. The master comes down, chases them, the drummer falls into his drum, both get fired.


[Regarding the date:] Hugill says this is from one of Richard Runciman Terry's books, unfortunately he didn't specify which one [It appears to be Shanty Book 2, and the informant, interestingly, was named James Runciman - RBW]. Terry supposed that this was a music hall song which was taken wholesale into the shanty repertoire. He says he learned it from Cap'n John Runciman, who in turn had it from the cook of the Blyth brig _Northumberland._ Harry Belafonte recorded this in the 1950s. - SL

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1926 (Terry)