“The Droving Song”


At the end of St Patrick's day a young man fails to return home from a day with his friends. A search gang finds him frozen to death in a crack in the ice. They take him home and bury him.

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Droving Song, The
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From MacEdward Leach, Folk Ballads & Songs of the Lower Labrador Coast,
#70, pp. 184-185. "Sung by Blanche Roberts, Forteau, July 1960."

Upon that fatal morning went one so young and gay,
To seek some fruits of labor upon St. Patrick's Day.
He left his home that morning in vigorous youth and bloom,
But little did he ever think he was slipping to his doom.

(7 additional stanzas)


Leach-Labrador believes the accident took place in the nineteenth century near Forteau, Labrador. - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1960 (Leach-Labrador)
Keywords: burial death
Found in: Canada(Newf)