“The Dowie Dens o Yarrow”


Many men feel that a woman (their sister?) should be separated from her lover/husband. They set out in a band to kill the lover. He manages to kill or wound most of them, but one of them kills him from behind. In many texts the lady dies of sorrow


Several scholars, among them Norman Cazden, have claimed that this song is the same as Child 215, "Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow." Certainly there has been exchange of verses. However, I (following Leach), would maintain that there is a difference: "The Dowie Dens" is about opposition to a marriage; "Willie Drowned" is about the loss of a love.

A brief summary of the whole discussion is found in Coffin's notes in Flanders-Ancient3. It's not clear what he believes, except that the two songs are a mess and quite mixed. Which can hardly be denied. - RBW

Cross references

  • cf. "Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow" [Child 215]


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Alternate titles: “The Lady and the Shepherd”; “The Dreary Dream”; “In the Lonely Glens of Yarrow”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1768 (Percy collection)
Found in: Britain(Scotland(Aber,Bord,High)) US(MA,NE,SE) Canada(Newf)