“The Donzella and the Ceylon”


The Donzella and the Ceylon set out from Lunenburg on February 1. After fourteen days, the Ceylon arrives in Puerto Rico, followed ten hours later by the Donzella. On the way back, the Ceylon runs into a storm and sinks


This song is item dD44 in Laws's Appendix II. - RBW

Historical references

  • 1890 - The Donzella and the Ceylon race from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to Ponce, Puerto Rico. Captain Charles Swain of the Ceylon outraced his brother, Captain Nathan Swain of the Donzella, by ten hours in a fourteen-day race. The Ceylon sank on the way home
  • 1896 - The loss of the Donzella


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Author: Daniel Smith
Earliest date: 1951
Keywords: ship racing storm wreck
Found in: Canada(Mar)