“The Cromie's Orange Buck”


Coming from a Hibernian Ball Misses M'Nulty and O'Hare meet Cromie's ranting Buck. He says he had "full authority from all the Orange boys" to "rip you on the ground." They run for protection to Barney Greenan who saves them. Ladies: travel protected.


Morton-Ulster: "Initiation into the Orange Order involves various rituals the most important being 'the ride on the buck'. Whether this actually means that you ride on the back of a goat I just don't know, but the 'buck' has become a symbol of Orange power... '[T]he ranting season' is the time when a good strong healthy buck is looking for a wife." - BS


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  2. Roud #2889
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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1970 (Morton-Ulster)
Found in: Ireland