“The Colour of Amber”


"The colour of amber was my true love's hair." "Many a time [his lips] they've been pressed to mine. I'd fish and catch him "with a line and hook" and never part. It's in vain. I'll never be a maid again.


"The Colour of Amber" is the reverse of "Black Is the Color" with the usual floating verse from the woman's point of view. It is tempting to lump this with, say, "Fair and Tender Ladies," but the amber and fishing verses make it stand aside for me. Yates, Musical Traditions site _Voice of the People suite_ "Notes - Volume 11" - 11.9.02, refers to John Ashton's _Real Sailor Songs_ "The Sailor Boy" [Ashton/Sailor *63] as another version; that does have the amber verse but is a version of "The Sailor Boy"(I) [Laws K12]. "Fair and Tender Ladies" would be a closer match than that. - BS


  • Mary Ann Haynes, "The Colour of Amber" (on Voice11)


  1. Roud #1716
  2. BI, RcColAmb


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1974 (recording, Mary Ann Haynes)
Found in: Britain(England(Lond))