“The Coal Quay Market”


Singer buys an old flea-ridden chemise at Coal Quay. His wife won't have it. The lady that sold it to him won't take it back and beats him. "Pretty females": don't let a man interfere with your business; if you buy a chemise, buy a new one.


OCanainn: "This is one of Jimmy Crowley's best known songs and is very popular with Cork audiences, as it deals with the goings-on at one of the city's best known landmarks - the Coal Quay, between Castle Street and the river. It was traditionally a second-hand market, though you can now get both new and second-hand goods there." - BS


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  2. BI, OCan098


Author: Jimmy Crowley (source: OCanainn)
Earliest date: 1978 (OCanainn)
Found in: Ireland