“The Chippewa Girl”


The singer sees a pretty Chippewa girl and proposes marriage. She refuses him, saying she is too young and her parents would not approve. The two part amicably, with the singer making a few general remarks about marriage


The Leach-Labrador version is "The Braes of Strathblane" relocated to "the Chippewa stream." The difference between Laws H10 and Braes of Strablane is that Laws [does not in his description include the ending -- found] in Leach-Labrador and Mackenzie -- in which the girl is finally rejected.

Mackenzie -- with its change of mind by both parties -- strengthens the argument that this is just "Braes of Strathblane" relocated. My earlier thought that Laws had not seen such a version is demonstrated to be false; Mackenzie is one of his two sources for H10. - BS

Cross references

  • cf. "The Braes of Strathblane" (words, theme and references there)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1928 (Mackenzie)
Found in: US(MW) Canada(Mar,Newf)