“The Cap Stone”


"Have you heard the revelation Of this latter dispensation...." The poet tells how the Saints are persecuted in Illinois and Missouri, and describes how they will work "till we make Nauvoo as Eden"

Historical references

  • 1830 - Joseph Smith founds the Latter-Day Saints
  • 1831 - The Saints settle in Kirtland, Ohio. Later in the year, Smith chooses Independence, Missouri as the Holy City
  • 1840 - The Saints found their town of Nauvoo, Illinois
  • 1844 - Smith is killed by a mob at Nauvoo, to be succeeded by Brigham Young
  • 1846 - Many Mormons leave Nauvoo for Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • 1847 - Brigham Young leads the Mormon vanguard to Great Salt Lake


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Author: W. W. Phelps
Earliest date: 1845 (Times and Seasons)
Found in: US(So)