“The Business of Makin' the Paper”


Making paper is begun by cutting pine and spruce and sending it by truck, train, or river to the mill. There it is barked, chipped, digested, and cooked. It is ground to pulp, treated with sulphite and finally rolled into paper and shipped by A.N.D.


Blondahl: "The song was used in a Christmas greeting -- to all, from the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company Limited. The A.N.D., as it is better known, is one of Newfoundland's great pulp and paper mills. This little song is not included as a ... folk song. It does, however, give us a small idea of the mechanics of paper-making and, as this is one of Newfoundland's prime industries, perhaps we do no harm, after all." - BS


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Author: Omar Blondahl
Earliest date: 1964 (Blondahl)
Found in: Canada(Newf)