“The Bonny Sailor Boy”


A rich girl and a poor sailor are in love. The girl's father hears them courting in the garden, bursts in, and threatens the boy with transportation. The girl swears to remain faithful


OLochlainn-More 18: the boy is "a weaver lad and him apprentice bound." Roud makes this version #2934.

Morton-Maguire is like another Irish version (OLochlainn-More) in that the apprentice is a weaver; it ends "And so she sang and the valleys rang and she gained her apprentice boy." - BS


  • Jimmy McBeath, "My Darling Ploughman Boy" (on FSB1)


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Alternate titles: “The Bonny Lighter Boy”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1914 (Sharp & Marson)
Found in: Canada(Mar) Britain(Scotland,England(South)) Ireland