“The Blue Bells of Scotland”


"Oh where, please tell me where is your highland laddie gone? (x2) He's gone with the streaming banners where noble deeds are done...." He dwells in Scotland at the sign of the blue bell; he wears a plumed bonnet; if he dies, the pipes shall mourn him


The notes at the National Library of Scotland site attribute this to the Napoleonic Wars. There is no evidence for this in the versions I've seen (it mentions "King George," but there was a King George continually from 1714 to 1837). There is a song in the Scots Musical Museum which may be related, but that *predates* the Napoleonic Wars. - RBW


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Author: Annie McVicar and Dorothy Jordan (?)
Earliest date: c. 1915 (recording, Inez Barbour)
Found in: Britain(Scotland) US